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Thirding studio Gallery welcomes proposals from collectives, artist groups, and individual artists. Thirding does not take commissions for the sales of art. All events held at Thirding are subject to review and must be accompanied by a proposal. Exhibitions run for a one-to-three-week period depending on the proposal. The Thirding Studio Gallery charges a rental fee and urges artists and groups to seek out project and exhibition grants from various government and art funding agencies to cover all or some of their costs.  

We have three main spaces for rent:


Our 500 square feet, 10-foot-high ceiling main exhibition space is suitable for more extensive exhibitions, panel discussions, artist talks, small conferences, launch parties, and more. The Main Gallery can accommodate up to 50 people seated and up to 80 people standing.

The members in the gallery are responsible for opening and closing the gallery and monitoring the exhibition. Artists should send their promotional material at least two weeks prior to the exhibition to the director. It is expected that the artists let the director know of any special installations before the installation date. This includes walls painting, hanging works from the ceiling, etc. (there are limitations in hanging works from the ceilings and need to be discussed). The receptions for all exhibitions are on the first Thursday of the exhibition, 6-9 pm. The artists must have a special occasion permit (SOP) if serving alcohol.



Rental Fees: 

  • $600 for one week

  • $1100 for two weeks

  • $1800 for three weeks


Occasionally, Thirding offers its 130 square foot office space as a Media Room to Media Artists. Please get in touch with us for more details and a discussion of the opportunity. 


Rental Fees: 

  • $250 for one week

  • $400 for two weeks

  • $600 for three weeks

Note: If you have a plan to rent the Main Gallery Space and need the Media Room as part of your exhibition, discuss it with the Thirding director for an extra charge of up to $250 depending on the show's duration and your needs. 


A 7.5 square foot window space features work by emerging artists and are organized by emerging curators.


The Window Gallery is located outside the Thirding beside the main entrance of the Studio Gallery towards the parking lot of 333 Denison Street, Markham, Ontario. The Window Gallery has two window glasses on its corner, one towards the West and the other towards the North. The Westside receives too much sunlight, which needs to be considered. 


Rental Fees: 


  • $100 for one week

  • $150 for two weeks

  • $250 for three weeks

Note: If you plan to rent the Main Gallery Space and need the Window Gallery as part of your exhibition, you might be able to occupy it for free, depending on the availability of the window. It would be best if you discuss it with the gallery director in advance. 


  • Exhibitors should consult with the Thirding Studio Gallery director regarding the installation of their artworks.

  • There are limitations to installing pieces from the ceiling. Your proposal might get rejected for these limits. If your work requires ceiling installation, you may want to discuss it with the director prior to the proposal submission. 

  • All rentals are based on availability and the program plans for that year.

  • Artists are responsible for their pieces’ insurance.

  • Exhibitors are encouraged to send their own invitations, do any necessary mailings, and provide the gallery director with their promotional items at least two weeks prior to their installation.

  • The gallery will promote the exhibitions.

  • Exhibitors are required to arrange their own sales.

  • Thirding does not take any commission on the sales of artworks.

  • Permit holders of the SOP are required to abide by the rules and regulations of that permit by law.

If you are interested in renting Thirding Space for your next exhibition or event, please email us at

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