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 Your support will go towards: 

  • Providing mentorship to the artist in residence;

  • Providing technical support for the installation of the exhibition;

  • Purchasing software or hardware as required by the artist;

  • Printing materials such as posters, invites, and brochures for the exhibition;

  • Promoting the artist’s work and exhibition through social media and other platforms.

At Thirding Studio Gallery, our main goal is to support emerging to mid-career artists and designers. We are in constant efforts of raising funds to offer new generation upcoming artists a space to showcase their talent and support them with their professional development and career-building opportunities.

With the ambition of becoming a launchpad for our selected emerging artist as well as developing a vision for potentially artifying the industrial neighbourhood where our gallery resides, we have come up with an innovative artist residency project. This fundraiser will play a crucial role in enabling us to host our three-month residency program, including a two-week exhibition. A detailed description of our Residency program can be found on

In this difficult time, the art community is one of the hardest hit. However, the Pandemic has also shown us how important arts and culture are for our society. So, we call upon all of you, wonderful people, to support our little step towards helping an emerging artist shine. This residency will support the participating artist and enhance the art scene in the Markham area by bringing the residential community, the local industrial and business community, and artists together.

The Thirding Studio Gallery is one of the very few art galleries located in the Markham region. Therefore, this residency through studio visits and an exhibition will prove to be a step towards creating a new art hub in the Markham area where people can engage with contemporary art and artists in a meaningful way. 

(*copyright of the artwork remains with the artist even after purchase* as mentioned on CARFAC website)

Fundraiser Auction
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Purchase artworks from our fundraiser auction:

The extremely talented team of Thirding Studio Gallery including the directors and the current staff have created and put together a wide range of artworks for this auction. When you buy from our fundraiser auction you are not only bringing an incredible piece of art in your space but also know that the amount is going towards a great cause. Being artists ourselves, we understand that covid-19 has amplified the scarcity of opportunities for emerging artists, and we wish to support this cause as much as possible. Thus we have decided to donate 75% of the amount for each artwork towards the residency fund.

Be part of the fundraiser auction: 

If you are a professional artist you can contribute by offering your own artwork(s) to be part of our fundraiser auction. By choosing this option, you are committing to donate 45% to 75% of the amount from each artwork to this cause. To be a part of our fundraiser please email the image(s) of the artwork(s) with a statement about the work(s), title, medium, size and date to 

Images should be in jpeg format and the rest of the info can be in a pdf.

We are grateful for your support and with your permission would like to mention your name with a link to your website on the Thirding Studio Gallery website as well as social media post

*copyright of the artwork remains with the artist even after purchase*


Fundraiser Sale
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Purchase goods and crafts from our fundraiser sale:

You will find a collection of one-of-a-kind handmade art and craft products also created by our talented staff and directors at Thirding Studio Gallery in this Fundraiser sale. This sale is for all those art enthusiasts who love art with functionality and small keepsakes that add some quirk to your life. This is an affordable way to show your support for the art community while also satisfying your urge to own unique artsy items. 


Be part of the fundraiser sale: 


As a supporter of the arts, there is a fun way of getting involved and helping us raise funds for our residency. If you are going to have a Garage Sale this summer you can turn it into a sale for a good cause. For this, you can commit to donating 45% to 75% of the total sale amount to Thirding Studio Gallery. We will provide you with our poster that you can display at your Garage Sale and let your neighbours know that by purchasing from your sale they are contributing to the art and cultural sector of their city.

For receiving our poster and further queries related to this option please send us an email at 


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Rent the Space

Support by renting our Studio/Gallery space:

Thirding Studio Gallery is overall a 1000 sq ft space with abundant natural lighting. The space consists of a main gallery space of about 600 sq ft, an office/studio space of about 200 sq ft, a kitchen and a washroom. This space is great for organizing any kind of workshops, yoga/meditation classes, documentation of artworks, photography etc. 100% of your money will go towards supporting the workings of the Thirding and art programming developed for supporting emerging artists.

Rentals: $15/hour with a minimum booking of three hours.

For booking the space please send an email to

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Support by volunteering for the following short-term positions and/or services during our research-creation residency:

  • Admin

  • Graphic Designer

  • Photographer 

  • Installation Technician 

  • Mentor

  • Handling and installation 

  • Marketing and Social Media 

  • Printing 

  • Having workshops 

  • Offering our artist in residency access to your facilities like woodshop, laser cutter, 3d printer, CNC machine etc. under your supervision or providing the service to them for free or discounted. 


If you are interested in any of the above volunteering options, you can contact us at with a detailed description of what you can do for us. 

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Support us by email transferring your desire cash donation to us at

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